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High Power Computing (HPC)

High Power Computing (HPC)High Power Computing (HPC) demands ultra-high-density power and cooling. Workspace Technology has a range of solutions to support HPC clusters through the deployment of rear door heat exchange technology. We can support average demands of up to 40kW per rack.

Our expert team will design solutions specifically to meet the demands of individual clients.

Depending on the applications and equipment racks technology options include;

Rear Door Heat Exchanger

Workspace Technology offers Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology by U-Systems to efficiently support HPC deployments.

Ambient air is drawn through an 80% air efficient AirTech Plus door. Five hot swap/N+1 fans mounted in the rear door draw the hot air over a chilled water filled coil. The Rear Door Heat Exchanger removes 100% of the delta T, passing the air back into the room at ambient temperature.

Workspace Technology will source chilled water via the free cooling systems.

InRow Cooling

InRow cooling is based on the principle of moving the cooling unit closer to the source of heat generation. InRow computer room air-conditioning technology by APC provides energy efficient control for server room, computer room, data centre and other ‘hot’ site environments. The APC InRow design helps eliminate air mixing and provides an improved and predictable temperature architecture.