Rack Colocation

Rack Colocation The data centre architecture at DC One is based on self-contained ‘pods’. Each pod can support shared or dedicated client services of between 20 to 50 equipment racks.

Raised access floors are installed within each pod supporting cable and pipework services presenting users with a clean, clutter-free environment. Classic hot and cold aisle rack arrangements are deployed throughout.

DC One is designed with excellent front and rear rack clearance for easy access and allowing for clear unrestricted airflow. The data centre pods provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the capital expense of building your own corporate facility.

Our flexible colocation packages include;

  • 600mm or 750mm wide x 1070mm /1200mm deep 42U cabinet enclosures.
  • Optional rack HID secure access for both front and rear doors.
  • Dual 16A or 32A power feeds as standard
  • Additional 16A/32A single phase or three phase to suit individual client requirements
  • Intelligent PDU systems delivering accurate power monitoring for billing and security purposes.
  • Optional remote PDU switching technology
  • Billing based on agreed power thresholds
  • Flexible terms to adapt to your requirements as your business evolves

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