Efficient cooling is essential to delivering an energy efficient data centre. Our cooling is based on contemporary Denco technology configured with low energy variable speed fans combined with external free to air cooling technology.

With an annualised PUE of <1.3, DC One delivers industry leading energy efficiency ratings.

By deploying Workspace Technology’s FlexAisle® aisle containment and airflow control systems in a ‘Hot Aisle Return Plenum’ configuration,  it virtually eliminates the mixing of hot and cold air.

In addition, the configuration of Dynamic Cooling Control technology is specifically designed to ensure optimal performance is achieved from our cooling systems.

The data centre environment is configured to the latest ASHREA recommendations providing constant inlet temperatures across the floor space of 25oC.

Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions

Workspace Technology also offers Liquid Immersion baths for clients who require specialist ultra-high-density cooling.

With our innovative ‘Liquid Immersion’ approach to data centre cooling, we are able to achieve exceptional results in terms of energy efficiency, density, and cost savings, while providing a highly secure and robust environment for your critical IT infrastructure.

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