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Energy Efficiency

As a participant of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency, Workspace Technology has invested in the latest energy efficient technology which enables us to deliver industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness PUE energy ratings within DC One.

Our energy efficient and sustainable technology and design solutions include;

  • Flexaisle containment solutions, eliminating the wastage of cold air due to re-circulation and the mixing of hot and cold airflows. This means that virtually all the cold air produced by the air conditioning system is delivered to your critical load.
  • Modular Schneider Electric/APC Symmetra UPS systems enabling us to maximise the energy efficiency of the UPS technology which is crucial to maintaining system availability.
  • APC StruxureWare measurement technology delivering accurate real time energy and PUE readings 24 hours a day. A display within our reception provides an instant view of our PUE ratings detailing daily, weekly and monthly performance.
  • Air Conditioning is based on the latest Multi Denco close precision cooling technology configured with low energy variable speed fans combined with external free to air technology, providing high levels of efficiency and resilience.

You can be assured that as colocation companies go you will be hard pushed to find one as energy efficient as ours, delivering an annualised PUE ratings of <1.3. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint simply contact us to arrange a tour of DC One or to obtain more information.