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Power Availability

Rack Colocation Power AvailabilityPower availability is at the very core of maintaining a reliable service for our clients. All the technology we possess would be rendered ineffectual without a continuous, uninterrupted supply of power. Subsequently we have designed our facilities to ensure 24/7 power availability for your servers.

DC One is connected directly to the national grid via two 11kVA connections, each fed from separate sub-stations for enhanced resilience.

Utility power is directly backed up by Tier 3 fuel efficient low emission generator systems configured with 48-hour fuel tanks. Workspace Technology has engaged a contemporary distributed power architecture. Avoiding old style “monolithic” systems, our distributed architecture is based on a scalable and modular approach with multiple power zones, each supported by APC’s Symmetra PX InRow highly efficient modular N+1 UPS systems. This design eliminates the need to separately cool battery rooms normally associated with legacy data centre designs.

Our panel boards are based on high quality Schneider Electric switchgear technology. All individual cabinets are supported by dual A and B resilient power feeds.

DC One is supported with comprehensive energy management technology to enable precise and continuous measurement of power usage at all system levels.