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Security & Accessibility

Our DC One facility has been purpose built for clients whose data integrity can never be compromised. Subsequently, we have incorporated excellent building security technologies combined with infrastructure resilience to ensure the integrity of your data is maintained, always.

The deployment of state-of-the-art biometric and IP camera systems ensure excellent physical security without inconveniencing access for clients who have full security approval and enabling clients to access DC One at any time. HID rack access technology delivers additional security for client’s individual racks.

We offer excellent ‘Tier 3’ levels of system availability through a modular design approach. Dual critical power paths, modular N+1 UPS systems, and automatic generator systems in the event of utility power failure ensure uptime and security system availability is always in place.

You can be assured that your data is in safe hands in our managed colocation facility with added peace of mind that you can access it whenever you need to.