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Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure SupportWorkspace Technology is dedicated to delivering industry-leading service, support and optimisation for our clients. We draw upon our significant knowledge and experience of mission critical power and data centre operations and technology to support a partnership approach throughout the lifecycle of your infrastructure.

You can be reassured that the infrastructure that is housing your equipment racks is covered by a comprehensive 24/7 service, support and optimisation plan. The goals of our Support Team are to;

  • Provide Holistic ‘Mission Critical’ Data Centre Support & Services
  • To Improve Operational Efficiencies and Reduce Risk
  • Maximise Your Assets
  • Provide Effective Change Management
  • Fulfil Service Level Agreement Objectives
  • Optimise Data Centre & Power Performance

Our data centre infrastructure is supported by a comprehensive range of mission critical management, energy management, Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and specialist data centre audit and consultancy services.

You can be reassured that at Workspace Technology our data centre infrastructure is operating to its full potential. Our infrastructure is regularly maintained and backed up with a 24/7 emergency callout service.

Our Site Facilities Team delivers;

  • Effective Maintenance Programmes
  • Maintains Uptime Through a Combination of Callout and Planned Preventative Servicing
  • Optimisation of Mission Critical Infrastructure to Help Improve Energy Efficiency of Data Centre Assets.
  • Helps Identify and Release Stranded Capacity
  • Provides Ongoing Moves Adds & Changes
  • All Planned Maintenance is carried out by competent and manufacturer-trained engineers, to ensure that equipment is operating correctly helping to avoid unscheduled breakdowns.

Planned maintenance benefits include;

  • Easier planning and ordering of scheduled replacement parts
  • Helps identify problems before they occur
  • Increases equipment availability

DC ‘One’ is supported by Workspace Technology’s Intouch Data Centre Infrastructure Management service that covers all aspects of essential data centre infrastructure, including power, UPS systems, generator sets, cooling, fire suppression, environmental and security monitoring.