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Optimisation Services

Optimisation ServicesOur Optimisation Services deliver IT system energy usage through in-depth optimisation of server utilisation for reduced operating costs.

Workspace Technology’s deployment of ‘IT Optimise’ software tools will help clients increase utilisation of IT assets through accurate, detailed energy consumption profile of server-by-server and rack-by-rack. IT Optimise monitors IT asset utilisation and power consumption to help reduce costs associated with over-provisioning and under-utilisation of server assets.

At the core of IT Optimise is the GenomeTM library, which continually discovers and monitors individual IT components and collects information to keep track of server specific information. The information forms the building blocks for understanding IT energy consumption and how it impacts the business.

The optimisation service provides you with the ability to categorise servers into non-utilised, under-utilised and utilised for analysing IT efficiency, remove non-utilised servers to recapture available capacity and virtualise under-utilised servers to consolidate resources. As a direct result of the optimisation service we can help reduce energy consumption of your equipment racks reducing the variable element of your rack charging model.

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